Having finally disposed of the Githyanki menace, we picked up Shandra and returned to Neverwinter, initiating Chapter II (I was wondering if that would ever come along).

This led to several extended cutscenes. First Mokor learns the truth about his mother’s death. I saw no reason for any deception in that regard myself.

Bishop decided he’d hang around and stay with the party. Not that I want to take him again anytime soon.

Then Shandra came out with not wanting to be left along again. She’d feel safer – haha – being with us than being left behind. So I promised to take her into the party, and she’s a sort of permanent member now.

Surprise, she turns out to be a level 10 fighter, and I was expecting a wimp. of course, she had no weapons and armor to speak of. And for some inane reason, she’s specialized in short sword. Ridiculous. Plus, I can’t give her any of the magical long swords I’ve been hanging on to.

Then we come to the fun part. Mokor has been accused of destroying the village of Ember by Luskan (it was their village). So Marcus was on the up and up with that one.

Neverwinter isn’t just handing me over to Luskan, though. Nevalle, one of the Nine (Nasher’s personal bodyguard) suggested I become squire to one of the Neverwinter lords.

That way, I somehow become subject to “high justice”, and a trial would be held in Neverwinter instead of Luskan, where “guilty!” would be a foregone conclusion.

Finally, a mage called Sand turned up (we’d met him back at the start) and offered to join up. Now I can have four instead of three, so I brought in those old reliables, Khelgar and Qara. Two mages should be interesting.

Blacklake, I should add, had been opened up again, and there’s no problem with getting in and out. I’d just like to add that the magic academy is in Blacklake, and I’m wondering about those mages who attacked us earlier in the game, when the area was closed and no one was supposed to be let in or out, except the Watch and the investigators.

Anyway, I visited Sir Grayson and he was willing to take me on. After the usual folderol about knightly virtues, he sent me to take a “knightly vigil”. Shandra popped in to say hi (I’m supposed to do this alone), and shortly after, three assassins came along to die. Shandra helped me out and then left.

So in the morning I’m proclaimed Grayon’s squire, and my job is to investigate what happened at Ember and find what I can to prove myself innocent of the massacre.

Yeah, just me and my little band. No disinterested observer along to make sure all the evidence is real and not manufactured. How trusting of Lord Nasher and company. How silly of whoever wrote this. No matter. Once again, we head out