Port Llast was the first stop. We talked first to the captain of the guard, who had no doubts I was guilty. He let us talk to a witness, one person who survived the attack. It was clear she’d been allowed to live so she could put the finger on me.

Even with Shandra in the party, we couldn’t really shake her testimony, so we moved on. One of the merchants, Nya, had a little job for us at Ember, namely making sure the dead didn’t become undead. We just had to sprinkle each body with a special powder.

The only other people to talk to were at the tavern. One told us there might be witnesses up near a grove. Another was missing her partner, Bradbury. And there was Eglund, spreading false tales about the massacre, but we managed to shut him up.

That was all we could do here, so we continued to Ember, not a pleasant sight. I used the powder on all the bodies. Touring the place, we found a quartermaster’s log, showing nothing had come through from Luskan in awhile, as though they knew Ember was doomed. We also came across a body that had died from poison rather than wounds.

Down a well, we found Marcus, still alive. He, of course, knew the truth of what occurred. He left for Port Llast after talking to us. As for the knife he borrowed, I guess he used it to kill small critters and feed himself. Although why he couldn’t have taken a knife from home…

We went on to the Grove, where we met a dryad or somesuch who had helped in the massacre by providing one of the killers with a polymorph powder. That explained the resemblance. She offered the last of it to us in exchange for a glowstone.

This was held by a bunch of goblins living in caves below the well. They had killed one of the murderers, and offered his ring in return for killing some nasty spiders nearby.

Of course we did that (nasty fight, too). We also came across a BIG spider of some intelligence, though we couldn’t make out what it wanted. Likely because we didn’t have the druid with us. So we just left it.

But we still needed the stone, and the only way, unfortunately, was by fighting. At least the stone was away from the main camp. So we killed the goblins there, grabbed it, and took off.

Back at the Grove, I inadvertantly went the wrong way (it’s a dark place), and we eventually met a couple of gnome entomologists. They also turned out to be werewolves, as we discovered after investigating their cave, and finding Bradbury’s body.

This was a very tough fight, because magic doesn’t work in the grove. Of course, Qara was armed with a magic sling and bullets, and Sand, being an elf, had a magic bow and arrows. I also remembered to turn off their spellcasting.

Anyway, with that done, we exchanged the glowstone for the powder, and went back to Port Llast. We told the woman (whose name I forget) about Bradbury, and let Nya know the dead in Ember were at peace. We also saw Marcus, who didn’t have a lot to say except he’d “go back to Neverwinter with us” when we were ready to leave.

Checking with Sand, it seemed I had about all the evidence I was going to find, so we went back to Neverwinter for the big trial.