The trial turned out to be the biggest time-waster, the biggest farce, I’ve seen yet in a game.

It was a very elaborate, very involved, very time-consuming procedure. Torio was there to prosecute for Luskan, and Sand was defending me. Very strangely, there was no jury; Lord Nasher would make the decision.

A lot of time was spent questioning witnesses and whatnot. I’m not bothering to go into it all. The simple point is that the trial had no meaning whatsoever.

If you’re found innocent – and I was – Torio “appeals” and gets a trial by combat. I’m sure that if I’d been found guilty, I could have done the same thing. So no matter what, you end up fighting Lorne, the missing son from West Harbor.

This is something of a rigged contest. Lorne is a Frenzied Berserker (new prestige class). They can’t be killed while berserking, but it does take a toll of 12 hp lost per round in that condition.

Naturally I entered god mode and just waited out the frenzy. Then after a few hits, he stopped fighting. I told him to get up and fight and not be a coward because I wouldn’t just strike him down like that.

For some inane reason, I received an astounding (and completely unwarranted) 10 points towards chaotic alignment for that. Fortunately, it didn’t change my original neutral good alignment.

All I can figure is that the designers were running out of ways to pad out the game and decided to put this in.

Anyway, it was over and the Luskans were kicked out of the city. Khelgar, by the way, offered to fight in my place. I felt rather insulted by that. Don’t think I’m good enough, Khelgar? Some nerve!

So we’re automatically back at the tavern, and right then a message comes in from Aldanon. You remember, the guy we jumped through hoops to see in Blacklake back in Chapter 1.

Now he wants to see us. But it’s a little late in the day. Thugs have gotten into his place, and someone’s kidnapped Aldanon himself. We learned that after clearing out the place, unfortunately not quickly enough to save most of the hostages.

I took a break from the mainline to see what else we could do that might be a little easier. I took Neeshka back in, dropping Sand, and we went to loot The Collector’s vault.

Just as we got the vault open, who should show up but Leland, the guy who sent the assassins after Neeshka. All by himself, too. What a refreshing change of pace. He didn’t last long, and that should solve Neeshka’s problems.

Then a young girl wanted us to rescue her sister from some necromancers. I switched out Neeshka for Sand here. I knew there would be undead and spellcasters, so I wanted some more firepower.

We fought our way through to Lisbet, who was a total dunce. After we’d killed off her “friends”, she stupidly cast a spell to bring them back. And she did…as greater shadows. Thanks a lot, Lisbet.

She finally figured out how stupid she’d been and came with us. Only she still wasn’t bright. Instead of staying back, she’d go running into combat. Jeez! But we did manage to bring her out alive. At least we got 2000 xp for it.

Then a cleric at the Temple of Lathander wanted me to bring some money to another cleric back home at West Harbor. This was convenient, since I could tell Ms. Starling about Lorne. Not that she’d be happy about the news.

So we made the trip, and I had another “pleasant” chat with foster-daddy. You don’t know how I’d love to give him a healthy sock to the jaw and tell him a few things.

After delivering the money, we returned to Neverwinter, and I decided to get on with the main line again.