Back in December of last year, I posted about The Way Things Were, pointing the way to Matt Barton’s article on the early days of CRPGs.

That was the first part. Now, at last, Matt has finished the second part, about the “Golden Age”, and quite a piece it is, covering the period 1985-1993. The detail is astonishing, and his range of knowledge is really amazing.

Some of those titles I’d never heard of. Of course, those specific to a platform other than the Apple are outside my range, but he mentioned a few Apple/DOS that were completely unknown to me.

Matt does a fantastically thorough and detailed analysis of the best games in the period. He didn’t miss one. Despite his love for the original Pool Of Radiance from SSI (the way I feel about Ultima IV), he does manage an overall objective assessment of the genre.

This is also, by its nature, a long piece, running nine pages over on Gamasutra. Nonetheless, it is very much worth reading. A tip o’ the claw to Matt Barton for the work and love (you can’t do something like this unless you love gaming) he put into it.

The Golden Age Part II on Gamasutra