Wonderful. Just wonderful. Of all things, I’ve become a landlord.

Yep, Lord Nasher just gave me Crossroads Keep as my very own. Maybe the developers were running out of ideas again. Otherwise, why stick a strategy sideline in here?

That’s what it is: all about resource management. “Oh great and wise Hammurabi…”. Bleah. If I wanted a strategy game, I’d go buy one. This keep business doesn’t fit in with my idea of my character.

However, there wasn’t much choice. I also wasn’t sure just how important this was going to be. So I poked around online and found a guide for this keep stuff.

So now I’m carefully building up the place, recruiting and training soldiers while rebuilding the Keep and surrounding areas. The rebuilding takes money, lots of money. And there isn’t a lot to do while this is going on.

I learned from the guide that time at the keep runs on its own clock, and nothing changes until you transition into and around the place. There are two main people to talk to, Kana who is in charge of the Greycloaks (my guys) and Master veedle, who does the building.

In addition, there were people I had to recruit on my own. Like Deekin, who now has a nice little shop of his own, with a roof even. Also a weaponsmith and an armorer and a few others.

One thing I learned from the guide was that I missed some ore deposits in chapter one. These are used to upgrade weapons and armor. The problem is, there’s no way to get back to those locations now.

Of course, there isn’t any way of knowing the first time how important these deposits are. You get some gold and experience for finding each one, but no message that they may have some other importance.

There are still some deposits to be found, but I didn’t think they’d be enough to fully upgrade the equipment, so I found a cheat and set things so the game thought I’d found them all. Besides, there was someone I missed in one of the orc lairs, and I can’t go back for him, either.

And yes, I gave myself some extra money, too. Why not? They’re foisting on me something I prefer to avoid. If I sound somewhat exasperated, you’re right, I am. To get stuck with this in the middle of things really slows the story down.

One good thing is that all the potential party members are now here at the keep. And whenever I leave to the world map, the party screen comes up, so I don’t have to go looking for them.

Just as well, since they’re scattered all over the place, some outside, some in the tavern, some in the keep itself. If I had to track down everyone I wanted, it would be a nightmare.

Anyway, I went on with this until I was thoroughly bored, and then took off for the Ruins of Arvahn. That will come up tomorrow, and this post (rant?) is long enough.