So we walked into the first room, and there’s this Baalbisan. He wanted us to head into the next room, and wipe out Hezebel’s Erinyes. Baalbisan is a misogynist, and the Erinyes, which are female, like to come by and taunt him.

Hezebel had a counter offer of her own, but we’d already agreed with Baaly, so the Erinyes went down, and we had our first Infernal of three. Of course that meant we’d lost Hezebel, but three more demons/devils awaited.

Next up was Zaxis. He absolutely refused. No way around that, so we went on to Koraboros. He just wanted us to find his missing imp. It was in a side room, magically stuck in place by a bookcase.

Apparently, it had read the wrong phrase from one of the books. Saying the right one freed him, and we had our second infernal “partner”.

In the last room was a succubus called Blooden. She was feeling terribly bored, and wanted some of Koraboros’s hellhounds to come by and fight her fellow (sister?) succubi. She must have really been bored.

After the carnage, she came through and agreed to help. I should mention here that throughout this, I’d been seeing some cutscenes of Shandra teleporting around the place and having conversations with the demons/devils. Of course, she was always some place we weren’t.

Then we went back to Mephasm and through the corrupted portal to the laboratory, where we cam across Ammon Jerro, who wasn’t dead at all. Big surprise.

While we were fighting him, one of the demons was telling Shandra how to free all the infernal prisoners, which required a blood sacrifice. She was extremely reluctant, but with the party’s lives at stake, she decided to do it.

When the last one was free, Ammon realized something was wrong and ported out to investigate. He found Shandra, and in a towering rage, killed her. Yep, she was dead for good, or maybe that should be, bad.

Poor Shandra. Burned out of her crop and her home, attacked and kidnapped by githyanki, risking herself by staying with us as the “safer” course, and she ends up murdered by her grandfather.

Personally, I don’t see why she couldn’t have been revived with a scroll of resurrection. I’d rather have seen Bishop lying dead on the floor myself (of course, he wasn’t with us, but you get the idea).

She called him “grandfather” just before dying, and it took some convincing to make him realize what he’d done, though naturally, he tried to blame us for that. A real sweetheart.

After that, we all automatically get swept back to the Flagon in Neverwinter, and lucky us, Ammon Jerro – who happens to be a warlock – can now be added to the party if I want. It’ll be a long time before I want.

Not that there’s any rest for the hero here, either. We just get back, and now Lord Nasher wants to see me. This can’t be good. Anytime the top guy wants you, it means trouble.