After our somewhat frantic exploration of the crypt, the following session was something of a breather, even though we were once again short-handed.

First, Stephan reappeared in the party after a two-week absence, and it was good to have him again. For that matter, two healers is a good thing.

Nel didn’t make it. He had a power outage and never got on at all. Matreus showed up late, was there for about five minutes, and vanished. Turned out he had a power outage, too…and he’s in a different country. Freaky coincidence.

However, Grace was back with us, so we had five this time. Which was enough to fight off the raiders (pirates?) who attacked us on our way back to Kinnisfrae.

I wasn’t surprised, since I’d asked the DM if we could just skip the voyage back; Stony’s getting tired of being seasick. The DM said “nope”, which was a big hint ;) At least the hot action of shipboard combat cleared that malaise up for awhile.

That was the only obstacle, and after taking out the pirates, we returned to town for a chat with the mayor. Grace proved to be as good, if not better, a negotiator as Nel. A very talented bard, Grace!

She browbeat the mayor into giving us 500 gold, half up front as a downpayment, for our upcoming work in dealing with the shadow creatures. Which was more than we’d managed the first time.

So now we actually have a little gold in our pockets, which will likely go mainly to buying more healing potions. Since we’ll be leaving the city to hunt down the shadow critters, and more important, the cause, I suspect we’ll be needing all the healing we can get. I hope we have a full party next time; there’s no doubt in my mind the action is about to heat up again.