So I get to the castle, just me, no party members (this begins Act III, by the way). Guess what, Lord N. wants to make me a knight for all my hard work. Whoop whoop. Naturally, it isn’t going to be that easy. Oh no.

I’m hardly in the place when it comes under attack. All sorts of gates drop down and undead attack. Somehow, I have this ceremonial sword in my hand instead of my usual one. No matter, I, along with the guards, start beating on the enemy.

However, we’re cut off from the throne room. Sir Nevalle, head of the Nine (Nasher’s personal bodyguard and whatnot) pulls us back to a guardroom to discuss the matter. There’s a secret way into the the throne room, and guess who’s elected to take it, all by himself?

So I fight my way through various enemies and head into the passage. Along the way are a bunch of statues that ask silly questions about Neverwinter. Hey, I’m on a rescue mission here, why bother with idiotic riddles?

Anyway, I get through all that and enter the resting place of Halueth Never. His bier is surrounded by a lot of swords. If you played the original game, you know the kind of swords I mean.

This looked a little tough, but they didn’t attack, so I tiptoed around them to the bier, and grabbed some sort of rod or scepter from the body. The weapons didn’t seem to mind, and the way to the throne room opened.

So I met up with Nasher, we finished off the last of the enemies, and of course he’s got a ton of stuff for me to do.

Like finding alliances wherever I can. Say, the Druids, the lizardfolk, and the Dwarves. And it would be real nice if we could find the King of Shadows’s headquarters. And how would I like to be a member of the Neverwinter Nine, since they’re shorthanded right now?

I said yes to that, though it didn’t do anything special for me. Then it was back to the keep to pick up a few people and get started on alliances. I noticed that I could still take four in the party, so chose Khelgar, Sand, Qara and the gith cleric.

First stop, the Ironfist place, home of the Dwarves. The king wasn’t happy to see Khelgar, and was totally close-minded about an alliance with Neverwinter.

It’s amazing the number of annoying people to be met with in this game. This was one of the times I wanted to say a few things and finish with: “Come on. You and me. Right here. Right now. Let me get you out of the way, you (colorful insults here) so we can get on with saving the world”.

Instead, I had to settle for talking to Khulmar, a more sympathetic Dwarf, who told us how the true leader of the Dwarfs was one who could lift this fancy hammer. How Arthurian.

We already had half of what we needed (the Ironfist gloves). We could get the other half, a belt, simply by visiting some fire giants and disposing of them. Just another trivial chore on my way to herodom.