We made our way to Mount Galadrym, home of the fire giants. Of course it was dark, and getting around wasn’t all that easy. The giants along the path were no help, either.

At the top, we had a chat with the FG king. After an exchange of insults between him and Khelgar, which included some unpleasant truths about King Loudram, the FG king offered the Ironfist belt if we’d kill a dragon for him.

So we went down one side of the mountain and up the other and met the dragon. Big Red, no surprise, made a counter offer of trashing the giants, and he’d even help.

Naturally, I wasn’t trusting either side. However, I figured a temporary ally was better than none. So we agreed with Red, and returned to the giants.

The dragon popped in on schedule. The game then gave a choice of attacking one or the other or both. I went for “attack the giants”. With Red there, the giants didn’t last too long.

Of course, after that, Big Red turned on us. That was his mistake, though the fight was a nasty one and god mode was necessary. Mokor was the only one standing at the end of it.

We grabbed the Ironfist belt and assorted other loot, then went down the mountain and up the mountain and looted Red’s lair. There was too much gold to cart away, so some of the Greycloaks will have to pick it up later.

We returned to the Ironfist hold. With Khelgar wearing both the gloves and the belt, he was easily able to heft the fabled hammer. That made him king of the Dwarves. The previous king wasn’t happy, but tough. He wasn’t king any more.

Naturally, as the new boss, Khelgar ordered the Dwarves to Crossroads Keep to help in the war against the King Of Shadows. So we had one alliance in the bag. However, Khelgar stayed in the group. Good, I was afraid I might lose him to official duties.

We made a brief stop at the keep, where I dropped Sand and the gith and took on Elanee the Druid and Grobnar the bard.

I forgot to mention earlier there were supposed to be some powerful invisible beings called “Wendersnaven”, and Grobnar believed fervently in them. And there were a couple of gnomes in Port Llast who might know their location.

So we went to Port Llast and Grobnar was able to make some sort of sense of their crazy chatter, which got the purported location on the map. However, on arriving, all we found was the corpse of a deceased poet.

Grobnar also found, or so he said, some kind of invisible musical instrument. In any case, it was obvious from the poet’s journal that the Wendersnaven, if they existed, weren’t here anymore. On the way out, we were attacked by a few orcs.

I’m not sure what all that was about with the Wendersnaven, except maybe it was meant as some sort of humorous interlude. If so, we were not amused.