With the Wendersnaven a total washout, we went on to the Circle of The Mere to try the Druids. Things didn’t go well there.

The whole bunch of them had been corrupted by the KOS. Except for one, whom they had imprisoned in a tree. Conversation with these charmers went nowhere positive, and a fight started. Fortunately, Elanee decided to stick with us.

When it was over, and all the rest dead, the remaining uncorrupted Druid was free of his prison. Unfortunately, he turned us down as far as alliance went. Then again, if he was the only one left uncorrupted, maybe that’s not surprising.

I made another trip to the keep, dropping Elanee and Grobnar, and bringing on Sand and the githzerai again. We had one more group to try, the lizardfolk. That took us back to High Cliff (or was that Highcliff?). The place was not in good shape.

Despite the modus vivendi we’d arranged earlier in the game, HC (or Hc) was under siege. The lizards had part of the place blocked off, and were attacking people on the roads.

The elder had one lizard prisoner, badly wounded. We healed him and learned that some shaman called Batha had united the lizardfolk tribes and was waging war for some unknown reason.

So naturally went over for a chat with him. It was obvious from his conversation he’d been deceived by you-know-who, but of course we couldn’t talk him around, and a very nasty fight began.

In fact, we all went down and had to go through the thing again. This time, I invoked god mode, and as usual, Mokor was the only one standing. However, we didn’t kill Batha.

No, he broke off the fight and more or less surrendered. We finally convinced him he was being used, and he agreed to an alliance with Neverwinter.

That finished up the “get us some help” portion, as there was no one else to ask. Then I took out some time for this weirdo woman called “Light Of Heaven”.

We first met her in Port Llast. She offered a duel, for who knows what reason. I accepted and the two of us fought it out. After she lost, she said we’d meet again for another “test”. How thrilling.

So I bopped around and found her the second time in the Merchant Quarter in Neverwinter. We had another duel and she promised one more. That happened when I went back to the Keep and found her hanging around there.

We had the last fight and she offered her services to me. I accepted, although what, if anything, will come of this, I have no idea.