Back home again in India…err, Crossroads Keep, I talked with a messenger from one of the Luskan Hosttower mages, Sydney Natale. This was a female Sydney (how very upscale).

She had something really important to discuss, but the messenger didn’t know what it was. I figured this was a trap, and I was right. She did, however, have something important.

The ol’ KOS had some new helpers, called Shadow Reavers. These were undead of an indestructible sort. But Sydney held a scroll with the True Names (where have we heard this before?) of the Reavers.

It was possible, by reciting a Reaver’s name in its presence, to make it vulnerable. Obviously a very desirable item, that scroll. The one downside is that only the gith or Ammon Jerro can use it.

She also had a thug called Jalboun with her. Just before the festivities started, though, I bribed him over to our side. Unfortunately, he died during the combat.

Still, we had the scroll and the location of a Reaver camp. After a brief nap, we headed there. This brought on another vicious fight, which took several retries. Reading the scroll takes awhile, and I had to keep the cleric from taking damage, or the incantation was spoiled. WHAT a royal pain that was, and there will be more ahead.

Anyway, we defeated them all at last, and I found another shard on the Reaver’s body. On returning to the keep, Ammon Jerro wanted the scroll, but I decided to let the cleric keep it. However, she did make a copy of it for him. Then Jerro mentioned an old, old dragon that might know how to reforge the sword. Nice of him to wait on telling us.

So we trudge over to Nolaloth’s valley. There isn’t much of the crystal dragon left. But we did manage to find out what we wanted to know, and promised the dragon we’d put him to rest by destroying the big crystal heart we passed on the way in.

The game being what it is, naturally there would be an obstacle, in the form of two black dragons. Two. Can you say god mode? I knew you could.

So now it’s time to reforge Andu…umm, the silver sword. And where might that place be? Why, West Harbor, of course, where this all began. Swings the wheel full circle, Brims the cup anew…