Naturally, we can’t reach West Harbor by any direct route. No, we have to take the scenic route, by returning to the Arvahn ruins and using the Song Portal there.

West Harbor has been thoroughly trashed. The place is a total ruin and everyone, or almost everyone, is dead, though I couldn’t find daddy’s corpse or that of Tarmas. Welcome home, Mokor.

So now we had to get over to the spot known as the “Scar”, the spot where, apparently, the sword was shredded way back when. Naturally, there was opposition in the form of shadows who tried to stop us. They didn’t manage that.

Just to make it more difficult, the bridge is out. We found several logs, but couldn’t put them together to make a new one. Even with Grobnar in the party, and being controlled by me.

We had to wade through the poisonous water, though everyone made a save. Then the cleric and I had a little confab where she guided me in fixing up the sword. Hola! The thing is complete, more or less.

That’s when another Shadow Reaver appeared. What else? I had an unpleasant surprise here, too. Back at the Reaver camp, the cleric had read the scroll automatically. She didn’t do that this time.

Here we all were, fighting like crazy, and it was awhile before I realized she wasn’t doing anything with it. Uh oh. By then things were in a bad way, so I reloaded and did it again, including having to sit through the reforging.

So I took over the cleric, and got started. Before I could finish, the Reaver headed my way, so I started running around the edges of the fight. Luckily, one of the party smacked it, and distracted its attention.

I was able to get off to one side and finally completed the reading. WHY did they have to make it such a long sequence?

But we were done here, the sword was whole, and it was time to return to the keep. And once again, no rest for the weary. Now we had a Shadow Reaver attacking my troops on the beach near the keep.

For whatever reason, Ammon Jerro joined the party. Actually, that came in handy. I left him at the upper part of the path down to the beach, and the rest of us blocked it at the bottom.

Of course, I also had to control him to read the scroll, but since he wasn’t being bothered, that went much easier than it did at West Harbor.

The Reaver had the Tome of Iltkazar on its body. This is an important book that Aldanon wanted. I think it’s needed to reach the KOS, but with so much happening, one thing after another, some details get lost in the rush.

Anyway, I had a breathing spell, and since there was a bit left to do with the keep, I worked on finishing that up (mainly by going in and out a number of times).