You may not have heard of the Great Games Experiment. Until now, it’s been something of a private enterprise, admission by invitation only.

Essentially, it’s designed as a social networking site for gamers and game developers of all kinds. As of last Friday (March 2nd), GGE was put into open beta, and now anyone can join.

Coyote is a member and in charge of the RPG section. One thing he’s looking to do there is create the ultimate list of RPGs, from the most obscure to the most famous.

Go on over and take a look. It costs nothing to join, of course. Who knows? This thing may work out.

Great Games Expermient Open Beta

Coyote’s RPG Section

P.S. Ya know, if you think of “games” as singular, the domain takes on a whole new meaning. I wonder if they thought of that? ;)