Finally the keep was finished. Nothing special happened when I hit the 100% mark, so I went looking for someone to talk to, like Sir Nevalle.

By the way, I should mention that there’s a another prestige class here, the Nine of Neverwinter. It shows up on level gain if you accepted Nasher’s offer after saving him at the castle.

It didn’t seem all that wonderful to me, except the special feat at level 5, which was max damage for three rounds. Of course, I had reached level 16 just before becoming a Nine, so I’d only make it to level 4. Haha. I skipped this one and stayed with fighter.

Anyway, the battle at Highcliff (or High Cliff) went poorly. Nasher was wounded and the remnants of his army retreated to the keep. Then Ammon Jerro went missing. The fun never ends.

We found him at Shandra’s Shambles, which used to be her farm. And ol’ Koraboros was there, too. He hadn’t forgotten his imprisonment back at the Haven and had returned for a bit of revenge.

Naturally we pitched in and helped Jerro defeat the demon. Also naturally, Jerro was peeved we’d interfered. I finally shut him up by telling him he’d behaved like Shandra, acting without thinking first.

That brought on a moment of remorse, where he begged Shandra, wherever she was, to forgive him. How touching. Then we found a magic locket and returned to the keep.

More work to be done, of course. Allies from Waterdeep were on the way, but would they get here in time? I had to slow down the KOS army by destroying a couple of bridges. That didn’t make a lot of sense to me. These are undead, after all.

Just keep shoving the corpses in until they make a bridge of bodies, and the rest can cross over. But by now, I wasn’t expecting much of logic or common sense in this game.

I could only take two people with me, plus a contingent of Greycloaks, either fighters or archers. I opted for the archers, figuring if they stayed back, they might live a little longer.

So we get to the area, and someone – I forget who – reported that a Reaver was at the second bridge. Great. I didn’t have either Jerro or the gith with me. I restored the game and took her instead of Qara, and went back to the bridges.

Turned out I didn’t need the gith. The Reaver was just making a cameo appearance. He stayed long enough to make the usual jeers, enlarged the undead, and bopped off.

We killed them all, with a little timely help from daddy and friends, who appeared out of nowhere. Then I wondered what to do about the bridges. Couldn’t talk to daddy, couldn’t leave the place, and some blastglobes I had left didn’t work.

Did I miss something here? Searched all around, nothing. Finally I restored to just before the second bridge and did it all over again. Still nothing.

So I gave up and went online to consult a walkthru, which said: “After the last enemy falls, a cutscene begins…”. Acck!

Wondering if my game was screwed, I tried once more. This time, after the last undead went down, the cutscene started up. Why it didn’t happen either of the two previous tries, I don’t know. But I can tell you, it was VERY annoying.