While the spam here has dried up, it continues to flow freely into my mailbox. Usually, it’s deleted without a second look. But sometimes, the name on the email catches my fancy.

Of course, the names are generated in some random fashion. Still, some of them do have a certain whimsy about them, such as the ones listed below. All are taken from junkmails that came to my box (no, I didn’t read them, just copied the names).

  • Waxiness L. Bustle (what happens when it melts?)
  • Hollered D. Klingon (they always had big mouths)
  • Firewood G. Rainwater (I wonder why it went out)
  • Craggier Q. Poster (comments are rough around the edges)
  • Schoolmasters H. Libelous (publish and perish)
  • Slats I. Voyeurism (peeking through the blinds)
  • Foothold S. Graphologist (get your toe-writing analyzed now!)
  • Twinkle Holmes (while Watson shines on?)
  • Anesthesiology T. Juggler (look ma, three tanks at once!)
  • Freud D. Fluoridated (Origin of the Breath Wish?)