Destroying the bridges brought us back to the keep automatically. And as I had suspected, the mission had been pretty much pointless.

The KOS army was on the march, and a siege was imminent. So much for slowing them down. Anyway, I was going to be up on the ramparts with just two people again.

Figuring there would be no rest time, and that the mages would run out of good stuff quickly, I decided to have Khelgar and the paladin with me. I also got to choose from among contingents of dwarves, lizardfolk or greycloaks. I opted for the dwarves.

The attack began with siege towers; there were five or six in all. One by one they approached and undead came pouring out. We fought them while unseen mages on our side battered the towers with spells.

It was tough going because there were so many of them. I was keeping an eye on the paladin and noticed he wasn’t faring well. Then it came to me: he’d only been with us for that one mission way back when. His equipment had never been upgraded. Uh oh.

I couldn’t do anything about that, but I was able to use the console to give him some potions of heal, and that kept him alive. So did pausing the game and leveling him so he had some decent hitpoints. Khelgar did fine on his own. By this time, he had some very expensive armor that I’d bought in the Ironfist hold and a good shield. I don’t think he ever took any damage at all.

After the enemies up here had been disposed of, they started coming into the courtyard below. Bishop, good old Bishop, had disabled one of the doors. He calmly announced that and walked away. Hello? We just let a traitor waltz off like that and not try to stop him?

There wasn’t much time to ponder that idiocy as the undead were heading in. Along with them came Black Garius, now a Shadow Reaver, and something called a Nightwalker.

Jerro suddenly teleported in to read that famous scroll. Of course I had to control him for that, and keep him out of harm’s way.

So we beat on the Nightwalker and Jerro got off the magic name. Garius was completely nonplussed by it all and quickly departed. After that, the undead were easy meat and went down fast, shown as a cutscene.

Of course, the victory was only a holding action. The time had come to bring the fight to the KOS in his hidey-hole. Aldanon explained that the Tome of Iltkazar could open a portal into the place.

So the big event is finally on the horizon. About time.