Awhile back, in It’s All In The Mind, I talked about a product called MindDrive. It allowed you, to some extent, to control in-game actions by thought alone.

Actually, it wasn’t so much thought as reading muscle impulses. Now, however, a company called Emotiv Systems supposedly has a similar product almost ready for launch; they’re saying 2008.

It’s a helmet you can wear, and they claim it can detect thoughts, analyze facial expressions, and also allow in-game interaction, such as moving objects around.

Now that sounds pretty sophisticated. The real question, of course, is will it really work (provided, of course, the game has the necessary software in it)? I wonder about that.

One reason is that I picked up an article on Ars Technica, where scientists were trying to determine “hidden intentions” in test subjects. This used a fancy MRI device, which I suspect wasn’t like the product Emotiv is working on.

Also, I wonder at the value of picking up facial expressions. What I think outside the game may have little or no relation with what I’m doing in the game itself.

I could be talking to some arrogant twit and wishing I could bash in his face, but in-game, I may be trying to ease the situation instead of exacerbate it.

Anyway, check out the two articles and see what you think.

Emotiv Systems on Gamasutra

Detecting Hidden Intentions on Ars Technica