Aldanon sent us through the portal. Surprisingly, everyone went along. But it didn’t stay that way.

First there was some byplay among the members. Then we noticed that Neeshka was missing, apparently taken away somehow by the KOS. Makes ya wonder. If he could do that, it would be easy for him to kidnap the party one by one and finish them off.

Anyway, it was time to move on, and here I had to choose party members. Jerro and the gith were fixed into the group, so I took Khelgar and Sand. In some mysterious way, the others vanished.

Since there hadn’t been any time to rest for quite awhile, we took a quick snooze and began exploring. The party hadn’t gone too far when we were attacked by a bunch of bone spiders.

After disposing of them, we moved on to the next room. Here we fought a few undead of no real consequence. Farther along here, we found a strange black cloud or fog that teleported us to another area.

Naturally there were more undead to take care of, and that sequence continued: find the black fog, get sent somewhere else, fight undead, etc. until we came to the final doors.

These were protected by three Shadow Reavers. They were waiting across the room, and of course, we couldn’t do a pre-emptive strike. No, I had to sit through the usual tedious jeering first, and that didn’t happen until we had approached them part way over some sort of bridge.

When that was over, one teleported to the other side of the bridge to block off retreat. However, I had Jerro on that side, pretty much up against the wall, and he started in reading the scroll. None of the Reavers ever noticed him.

Then I got the cleric doing it, but that took several tries, since she was in the thick of things. After a couple of attempts, though, we finally killed off the Reavers.

The room beyond was tiny, and amazingly enough, all the party members who had disappeared on arrival were now back, except for Neeshka. No explanation was made for this, either (I don’t mean Neeshka).

So we took a rest, and walked into the last room, where we were met by Black Garius and Neeshka. He’d been torturing her to betray us, but she held on and turned him down at the last.

Bishop showed up, no surprise, on the side of the dark forces. There wasn’t anything I could do about that, nor did I want to. Then we had an extended session where Garius tried to divide the party.

It didn’t go too well for him. The only one who turned Judas was Qara. Anyway, Garius put up some forcefields to keep off the melee fighters, and combat started. Since the scroll had been read back at the keep, it didn’t need to be done now.

I started off around the fields with Khelgar and the paladin, but then a demon appeared by the others, so I sent the paladin back to help out. Then the two of us finished the end run and started in on Garius.

He was a royal pain, always moving around. We finally killed him in front of the portal that summoned the KOS. Then we went to work on Bishop and Qara.

This had been a tough fight, but we did have a moment to rest up. I couldn’t search Garius’ body because he died by the portal and I couldn’t target him.

So I clicked on the portal and the King of Shadows came through, looking not very impressive, though he was tall. After the usual cutscene, the fight began. It took awhile, but he went down or disappeared or something.

Then a lot of human-sized KOS clones started showing up, generated by the five statues around the portal. There was nothing we could do about that but fight them until they were all gone.

Next, the KOS made a return appearance, considerably larger in size. Now we had the old “soul object” routine: while the statues were up, we couldn’t defeat him. So while the others did what they could, I was running around bashing the statues, and then the portal.

Some time later, he finally went down. Huzzah. Woo hoo. Yippee.

What happened after that will have to wait for the review. Look for it Saturday sometime.

But at least the game is over, and that is a good thing.