Well, the review of Neverwinter 2 is coming along more slowly than I expected. Maybe I’ve been distracted by the thought of Daylight Thieving Time arriving a month early. Whatever, it isn’t done yet.

This does happen once in awhile when writing a review. There’s nothing like staring at 3 paragraphs and being unable to formulate the next sentence. This is known as the “joy of writing” ;) So I got on and did a quick round of the news sites, but couldn’t find anything worth mentioning.

Thus it’s been something of an off day, and I’m having trouble even writing this little bit. How true is the statement “a terrible mind is a thing to waste”.

And tomorrow really messes up the schedule for the Moonshae game. I only learned a little while ago that the DM is on UK time, and that’s still standard. So the time will be the same there as usual, but now it will an hour later here. Good thing I have one clock on standard and one on thieving time.

Well, maybe I’ll make some progress tomorrow. We can only hope.