No, it isn’t an invasion of undead (just as well, because I hate undead). But there is news about two old – really old – games.

First up, the U6P, or Ultima VI Project. A dedicated group is doing a total remake of the game for more modern audiences. The revised U6 is far from finished, but they are making progress.

They also promise that the new U6 will have more content than the original. This could be a good thing. I didn’t much care for the original Ultima VI.

You may recall, that was the one with the gargoyles, and the idiotic “find the pieces of the pirate map”. Whether that will be in there or not, I don’t know. I certainly hope not, but as it was the central action of the original, I suppose it will be there again.

On the downside, this will not be a stand-alone game. You will need to own a fully-patched copy of Dungeon Siege (or Legends of Aranna) and the original version of Ultima VI. That last may be a bit tough to accomplish.

Moving to our other revival, Bethesda Softworks is releasing, for a limited time, the original Elder Scrolls: Arena as a free download. Yes, if you missed the start of the series, or don’t have the disk any more, you can get it all in one download.

Just to show how things have gotten out of hand with newer games, this download is a mere 9 megs. Shucks, that’s smaller than the patch for Neverwinter Nights 1. Heh.

RPGWatch has a quick retrospective on Arena, and you may want to check that out to refresh your memory on some of the key points of the game mechanics. The article also has the link to Bethesda’s site for the download.

And just when we thought the old games were gone…

The Ultima VI Project

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