Poking around the net today, I came across several snippets of interest, including a notice that one company seems about to “come back from the grave” in the near future.

Commodore. Remember them? Well, they’re baaaaaack. Almost. According to a squib on cnet.uk, Commodore will be unveiling several high-end PC’s in April. Since these are PC gaming machines, we’ll hope the disk drives are a bit speedier this time around ;)

Sneaking under the radar, a Polish (the site looks kinda Polish) company is working on an action/RPG for release “early this year”, called Numen. There is a Q&A, with English translation available.

The game sounds interesting (don’t they always?), but I didn’t much like their description of combat. Seemed a bit too console-oriented, focusing on different tactics for different opponents. Take a look and see what you think.

Wikipedia has a new project just up: the gaming wiki. It’s something like the original wiki, but strictly for games. And of course, one of the features (to which you may add, if you desire) is – haha – “Best RPGs Ever”.

Gee, just when we’d finished with “Best Games of 2006”, now we have to endure the “Best (or Most Influential) Games Ever”. It seems to be spreading like a disease all over the place.

Eidos (those Tomb Raider people) has just partnered with Valve to release old and new games over Valve’s Steam online distribution facility. The Tomb Raider series, of course, will be high on the release list. Whether this means that future Eidos products will be download-only is unclear right now.

And finally, for Presto, who keeps mentioning it, the 1.15 patch for Silverfall has just been released ;)

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