So earlier today, we finished up the Moonshae campaign. The session got off to a rocky start, and ended on a sour note.

During the pre-game waiting, first Kit and then Nel experienced disconnects. My own ISP had been flaky earlier, but amazingly held up for the complete game.

Then we noticed oddities in the player list, with mysterious blank squares showing up, along with the regular portraits. We were also waiting for Grace, who was going to be on a bit late.

Finally we decided to head for the Mayor’s to collect our reward, hoping Grace would arrive soon. All of us made it there, except Nel. For some reason, he dropped when transitioning from the inn to the town. That’s a real mystery, because we’ve been in and out of the tavern many times and he never had a problem. He got back on, but now there were even more blank spaces on the list.

So we all logged out and the DM rebooted the game. That cleared the blank spaces. Then we learned that somehow Grace’s character file had become corrupted. So she had to recreate herself and level up, and the DM had to restore all her lost items. But at last we were ready.

At the Mayor’s, we were horrified (among other words) to learn that he had paid the second half of our reward to Matreus. Mat had left the campaign last week.

Even worse, the pirate ship we had brought in with us awhile back had been sold, and Matreus had collected on that, too. There followed an involved dialogue, where Stony lost his temper somewhat, calling the mayor a dolt, an idiot and a windbag at various times.

Nel, to Stony’s shocked surprise, more or less collapsed to the floor and hid his face in his hands. Remembering Nel’s stalwart fighting and hard bargaining earlier, Stony could hardly believe his eyes. He urged Nel to get back up but the fighter refused. Nel went down a lot in Stony’s estimation.

In fact, only Stony was urging/threatening the mayor for the rest of the reward. Maybe the rest were too dumbfounded to press demands. But Stony was angry. For that matter, I was angry. More on that later.

Stony came very close to hauling off with his hammer and belting the mayor. But that would have brought on who knows what nasty complications for everyone else. It was a near thing, though.

The mayor mentioned that Matreus said something about the docks, so we headed there, Stony being last to arrive after saying more choice words to the windbag.

Meanwhile, Kira was questioning the Dockmaster, and we found out that Matreus had left a couple hours before on a ship headed for Timberton. And about the only other vessel available was the one we’d taken from the pirates, and that had been sold behind our backs.

That was now owned by Captain Jack. Here Grace used her considerable charms to get Jack to take us on board and follow after Matreus.

Jack was expecting the others (or at least maybe Stony and Nel) to do some crew work. Of course, Stony, suffering from extreme seasickness, wasn’t going to be doing much of anything useful. He wouldn’t have, even if well.

So Nel was left to help out. He helped out with raising the anchor by cutting the rope (which is odd, because most ships have their anchors on chains, but no matter).

Finally the ship was underway. The journey was uneventful for awhile, but then a storm rolled in. The ship hadn’t been fully repaired, and began taking on water.

Stony was in awful misery, paying no attention to what was going on. Frantic bailing efforts were useless (why didn’t the ship have pumps?). The mast came down with a crash, and the ship began to founder.

However, there seemed to be, some distance to the east, land. The captain and crew went over the side and began swiming towards it. Stony figured the ship was about to sink and didn’t care. It would certainly take care of the seasickness which had about reached intolerable proportions.

Nel, in a moment of quick thinking, ripped a door off its hinges and tossed it over the side as a sort of impromptu life raft of sorts. He told everyone to jump in and make for the door.

Stony ignored him, and Nel urged him hit the water. Stony managed to get out that he couldn’t swim. Nel tried to pick Stony up and throw him over, but couldn’t quite manage it.

Nel gave it up and jumped in himself. The ship began listing and water was up to Stony’s ankles. A little later, he managed to get himself off the ship and into the water.

The rest of the party rallied around and, with much effort, managed to get Stony over and onto the door. The rest, being able to swim to at least some degree, held on to the edges. And that’s where the session concluded.

So now a few words about our being cheated. I don’t know if Matreus himself actually did that before leaving the campaign (he departed before we went through the faerie portal), or if the DM used that as the spur to conclude this campaign and move us to the next one.

Either way, I consider it an underhanded trick. This has been a very stingy adventure, with little gold to be had. Even getting up the money for a few healing potions was difficult, and what few items we had to sell brought in at best a small handful of gp.

While I’m not looking for treasure piles and Monty Haul, at the same time I think there should be adequate recompense for our efforts. So yeah, I was really upset (okay, furious) to learn that we weren’t getting our promised payment or any money for the ship.

I just hope the next one is better in that regard.