Over at Yahoo News, they have a report on a study about how racing games may affect driving habits, causing drivers to take more risks. Ah yes, another “scientific study”.

From what I read, it seemed to be a pretty loose procedure. One group played a racing game, then went to a driving simulator. They were found to take more risks on the simulator than those who didn’t.

Well, duh. They just went from one simulation to another. One fake driving scenario to another. Should we be surprised? Should we extrapolate from this that these games cause more risky driving?

Then there was the group who said they played driving games regularly, and tended themselves to drive in a more risky fashion in real life. So does that mean playing those games caused them to drive in a less safe fashion?

Or does it mean that people who drive in a risky way are more attracted to racing games?

Read the article and see what you think.

Risky Driving? on Yahoo News