(It’s been awhile since I posted in this category; you may want to read (or re-read) the previous post to refresh your memory)

Subject: More Sewers…

And yes, by golly, there it was! I just had to waltz into the reception room, through the infirmary, then the Hall of Ministry, and down the stairs (a few times) to the basement.

mwsewers1.pngTrekking around, I come across the ghost. He tells me he was killed by the Dart gang, and wants them killed in revenge. Then he mentions an easy way of removing them. There’s a torch holder on the wall at the east end. This will bring in water and drown them all.

Sounded good to me. So I chug over to the west temple sewer and start looking for a torch. Lots of torches, but none at “head height”. Then I stumble on a couple of guards for the gang, take them out, and then the rest of the bunch in a little tunnel area that loops around itself.

But I am unsatisfied. Where is the torch? The directions, after all, were vague. The ghost did not specify if “east end” meant the east end of the sewer (where I enter), or the east end of the tunnel with the Black Darts. Perhaps he thought I could read what was left of his mind.

Another dreary episode followed, where, with the help of invisibility, I scoured the area looking for that damned torch holder. There were brief moments of cheer as I sashayed past all the Black Darts who never noticed me (or the gestures I made in passing ;), but still…no torch holder.

Desperation set in. This was a matter of pride! The unmentionable thing had to be somewhere. So I went online and spent a half hour searching through forums for the answer. Finally, I turn up a message that says the torch is right where you come in. BUT I LOOKED THERE FIRST OF ALL!

No matter, back I went. Now, you should know, these connections mostly have two doors, almost, but not quite, side by side (a small space separates them). When I came in the first time, there was a torch just to my left. Naturally I tried that one to no avail.

When I restored the game (to just before entering this area), I went through the other door, and there, to my right, was the torch holder. Just the holder, no torch. Black. Really easy to miss. I should know ;) So I pulled it.

There was something the ghost didn’t mention.

The water doesn’t just fill up the Black Dart section. It fills up – to the tippy top – the entire sewer area.

And the lever is stuck. No way to drain the place.

But – HAHA! – I am wise to the wiles of game designers. I just cast my Water Breathing spell and went to check out the results. Sure enough, bodies were floating everywhere. Alas, they didn’t have much I wanted to take. Foo!

So I made my way back to the ghost, only he was gone. Ho hum.

There was nothing more to do down there, so I came back up. And here, sports fans, a golden moment of serendipity occurred…