Over at RPG Codex, they have a fantastic round-table interview with several indie designers. These are developers who all have games in progress, and you’re likely to recognize at least a couple of titles.

Participants were Jason Compton (The Broken Hourglass); Thomas Riegsecker (Eschalon: Book I); Steven Peeler (Depths Of Peril); and Vince D. Weller (Age Of Decadence).

The questions, and especially the answers, are well worth reading. At least from this, it looks like these guys (and their companies) are dedicated to bringing us something beyond same-old same-old.

I was especially pleased by Vince’s remark on Ancient Evil. Way to go, Vince! If you don’t know why, you can read Ancient Evil to find out.

Also pleasing was Thomas’ statement on how they played a lot of the old classics (Ultima, M&M, etc.) to see what made them such fun. Wow, studying the classics to learn from them. When was the last time we heard that?

And there were some good comments on real-time vs. turn-based, too.

Y’know, it almost (almost!) makes me excited. But you know how it is. We’ve seen good stuff talked before, and been disappointed with the results. Still, these are indies, and not beholden to suits or marketing departments. So maybe, just maybe, we’ll have some fresh air blowing through the stuffy RPG caverns in the near future. Because we sure do need some.

Indie RoundTable on RPG Codex