Having survived the shipwreck, our stalwart band washed up on a tiny beach, somewhere. Fortunately, a campfire was burning, and everyone took some time to rest up and dry out. Not too dry though, because the storm was still going.

We plodded off in the one direction available, and quickly ran into a very unpleasant raptor called a Razorbeak Raven. Not only was this hard to hit (AC 26!), it had a wounding ability: once damaged, a character would continue to lose hitpoints (i.e. bleed) until healed.

After finally disposing of it, we continued on, and soon came across a corpse and more of the foul avians. A tough battle ensued, but the party prevailed, not without difficulty. The corpse turned out to be one of the sailors who had abandoned the sinking ship last time.

That didn’t look good for the survival of any others who may have made it to the island. Stony didn’t like the idea of him being left out as food for any more scavengers, and, with Kira’s help, made a cairn of stones over the body.

Farther along, there were more ravens, and a bridge. Matters were becoming serious, as the group was running low on healing. Stony spotted another raven off in another direction, so we went over the bridge instead. That was a mistake.

Now we were up against some very odd critters called “Frostfingers”. As you might guess, they were beings of cold and used cold attacks. They also had damage reduction, so we could only wear the things down with paper cuts. Between that and the usual low rolls, it took awhile.

While we stood around to recover our breath, Kit heard a scream from back across the bridge. By now in pretty sad shape, we moved cautiously in the direction we had bypassed before – oddly, the raven was gone – and came across a strange-looking house (Note: the mod used the Oriental tile set, so the buildings and several of the things we found later were Japanese-looking. Of course, to us, they were just very strange things).

In the house, we found a new opponent: a Flashfrozen Zombie. While it had a lot of hitpoints and a cold attack, most of us could damage it normally (from the look of things, it had DR against blunt weapons but not sharp ones).

Here, alas, we found the body of Captain Jack. Sad to think that he and the others made it to shore, only to die at the beaks/claws/etc. of the monsters on the island. Stony dragged his body outside and covered it with stones.

We camped out here to revive ourselves, a rest we really needed. A few items were found in the place, although nothing of consequence. Now restored to full strength, the party returned to the bridge and crossed over.

A short distance ahead, was a small place that looked like an outdoor temple or something. Here we found a spirit that floated around the area, asking us, or perhaps just repeating the phrase mindlessly, to “free them. Free the loyal servants of the true dynasty from their torment”.

Either it couldn’t hear us or ignored us, so since we couldn’t converse with it, we moved on, to more icy undead. After battling through them, we found a couple of buildings, a small one and a larger one. We went into the larger one first.

Luckily, the ground floor was uninhabited. We had a choice of upstairs or downstairs, and decided to go below first. The cellar had a number of empty rooms, and one that held something peculiar called “arcane disjunction”. It didn’t seem immediately hostile, but Nel just went right after it anyway.

After the fight, we found several books, including a journal. Apparently the people who built this place had fled from some tyrant ruler, only to come across worse here. The last entry had them about to leave, or try to.

In a side room, Grace and Kit came across a pair of floating swords. They turned out to be masterwork katanas. Nice, but no one needed them. But we kept them in case we ever had the chance to sell them.

After picking up a few other minor items, we discovered a ladder and climbed up. Stony was first, and set off a trap as soon as he stepped into the room (no way to avoid that; ow!). He also ran into another Frostfinger.

The rest came up swiftly, and this time, the enemy went down fairly quickly. We then took a few moments to level up to 4. Then we camped, as Kira was pretty much out of spells. Searching the place, we found some camping supplies and other minor items.

It turned out that we were in the small building opposite the one we had entered earlier. Since Kit had her heart set on exploring the upper story of what we figured was a temple, we left the small building and returned to the other.

Good thing we had taken that rest, because upstairs we walked into a room full of Frostfingers and something new called Chill Wraiths. This was a lengthy fight, and more difficult than the army of shadow creatures we’d battled back in the crazy Druid’s place.

Luckily, Kira was able to turn some of the wraiths, or it might have been worse. Stony was wondering if the fight was going to go on forever, but finally the last of them was destroyed. Whew!

Poking around, some of the group found a nice suit of armor (banded mail +2), which went to Nel. Meanwhile, Stony followed Kit outside to a sort of balcony. He discovered a chest, and called Kit over to unlock it. Inside was a real prize: a heavy crossbow +2 and some +1 bolts. This was going to be very important in the near future.

At first the xbow went to Kira (as Grace had borrowed Stony’s longbow), but since the cleric was usually spending all her time healing everyone else and keeping them alive, it made more sense for Grace to have it.

Once again we camped out, and then went back to the cellar to the remaining unexplored area: a grate that led to someplace below. It turned out to be a cave.

As usual, there were some Frostfingers to fight. The passage then split, and Stony went down a dead end to find the bones of some long-gone person. Forgetting what had happened to Matreus with the backpack way back when, he searched the bones and set off a trap (ow!). Stony won’t be doing that again any time soon ;)

After nabbing the scarab of protection +1 (only thing on the corpse), Stony rejoined the party and they continued on. In a short time, they came across an extremely nasty monster called an Ice Haunt.

Not only did this creature have damage resistance, it also sported an aura of cold, automatically doing damage to anyone in melee combat with it. Vicious, indeed.

There were also some traps in this area. Unfortunately, Stony set one off and failed his saving throw. Suddenly, he was paralyzed. Luckily, though, that was outside the combat area, so at least he wasn’t taking damage from the aura. But it was sure frustrating to be standing there, doing nothing.

Meanwhile, Kit, seeing her attacks were ineffective, decided to disable a trap she had noticed. Bad move. She failed the detrap roll with a critical failure. The damage knocked her hitpoints down severely (-5! “will die in 60 seconds”. OI!) and she was bleeding to death.

Though paralyzed, Stony could still talk. He screamed out Kit was dying, as did Nel. Fortunately, Kira was able to reach her in time and stabilized her. Double whew!

Finally the paralysis wore off and Stony rejoined the battle. But it was Grace who saved the day. Her +2 xbow was doing full damage to the Haunt, where the rest were doing paper cuts or nothing at all. And, happily for us all, most of her shots were hits. Some warm dice at last!

With the Haunt finally disposed of, Kit discovered a magic sword of sorts: a katana with special properties against shapechangers. That was the only treasure. So we went on, only we didn’t. Stony’s sense of direction was off, and we walked back to the entrance. Heh.

So we retraced our steps and found a place going down. It brought us to an underground dock of some kind, and a skeletal devourer waiting for us. It had a damage resistance spell up, and it took awhile to wear it down. After that, though, the creature was an easy kill (relative to what we’d been up against before this ;).

And yes, there was a ship anchored at the dock. Now, all we need is some way to sail it…