While we’re on the subject of indie games, a new one has come to my attention, thanks to Toybane.

Dwarf Fortress sounds like it might be a strategy game, and it is one, of sorts. From my brief perusal of the site, it looks like a typical strat-based product: running a Dwarven operation, with miners, soldiers, resources, and whatnot.

However, if strat’s not your cup of tea, you can instead play as the typical adventurer, out for gold, glory, quests, or whatever.

The fascinating thing is that DF is old-style, using ASCII graphics. So eye-candy fans won’t find much to interest them here. Nonetheless, the world and detail in it is colossal.

According to the site, it can take up to 20 minutes on a 2 gig CPU to create the entire world. That’s detail, all right. And apparently each world is different.

I haven’t looked at this one myself, but it does sound a bit enticing, and I may give it a try later. The game is free, and clocks in at just under 5 megs for the download, so even dial-up is doable. Take a look for yourself:

Dwarf Fortress write-up on Toybane

Dwarf Fortress main site