A couple of days ago, Coyote posted on his blog that Jeff Vogel is doing a revival of one of his old games, Nethergate, to be called Nethergate Resurrection. The original did not do particularly well.

Jeff feels that Nethergate was, perhaps, too different, too innovative. It wasn’t the “same-old, same-old” fantasy style that virtually every CRPG is built on. It was historical, Romans vs. Celts.

In his article for RPG Vault (referenced in the blog), Jeff goes on to relate how his other innovative product, the Geneforge series, doesn’t do as well as the Avernum games, which are the more traditional sword & sorcery stuff.

This harks back to an earlier post of mine, Do We Want Something Different?, where I asked if players really wanted innvovative games.

From this, it would seem not, at least not from the indie side. Which may be an indication why the “mainstream” publishers are reluctant to change from “going with what works” to the uncharted realms of creativity.

It may be we’ve been with the typical fantasy games too long. We’re comfortable with them, regardless of whatever rules system is being used. And most people don’t like being pulled out of their comfort zones.

Something really different would seem odd. It might be difficult to get a handle on it. There could be too many unexpected things in it. We are creatures of habit, and breaking a habit is not easy.

There are some games coming up that, from the previews, etc., appear to be on the innovative side. But whether they will fulfill that promise, and whether the games will be successful, is another matter.

Check out the blog and the RPG vault article, and see what you think.

Jeff Vogel and Innvoation on Coyote’s blog