Subject: More news from the field

I hadn’t bothered to talk to anyone in the temple on my way in (or down). So just on spec, I pick someone and the first thing he asks is: “Have you taken care of the goblin army?”

mwstage3.pngArmy? ARMY??? No wonder there were so many of them!

And I killed every last one of them, not knowing this was a quest!

The guy gave me 15,000 gold!!


So, after getting over the shock, I ask if he has anything else. No, but the archdeacon may have a little job for me. Who knows, maybe I’ve taken care of that one, too.

Nope. He sends me – hoho – back into the sewers. This time to the Shrine of the Dead, which has become polluted by unclean something-or-others. Just bop down there and get rid of them.

Lemme tell ya, if I’d been playing honest, Mokor would be pushing up daisies. The shrine was infested with liches. Four or five (maybe six, I lost count). Summoning nasty critters and of course chucking nasty spells my way. They also had a habit of backing away from melee attacks, so I had to go chasing after them and get them against a wall.

But at last it was done. Whew. I had set a recall marker to the archdeacon’s office, so getting back was a breeze (I was REALLY REALLY tired of sewers by this time).

“Oh, you cleaned out the shrine? Good. Now please escort whats-his-name here to the shrine so he can purify it”.

(fill in anything you feel is appropriate up there)

So now I had to go all the way back there with this jerk tagging along behind, and keeping an eye out to see he didn’t get lost or stuck on something.

Mirabile dictu, we got there without incident, he did his stuff, the shrine is clean again.

Only, of course, my recall spell only works on me. So yes, we had to go back to the archdeacon the long way.

I decided not to ask if he had any other little tasks on hand ;)

However, I still had the Black Dart business on the books. So, it was back to the bazaar sewer to find the Distressed Lady (remember her?) and tell her what happened. She gives me a crappy magic ring and thanks me very much.

By now, I had enough of down below and decided to spend some time with fresh air. Wandering around the plaza, I see a little stage set up, but no performance is happening. I talk to the guy on stage and he sends me to the manager in back.

Alas, the star of the play is down with something or other, and he needs a stand-in. Would I take the job? Hey, after fighting goblin armies, liches, and assassins, how bad could facing an audience be? Of course I said yes.

He hands me a script: Horror of Castle Xyr (aptly named; I say no more). It’s a real script (of sorts) and I scan through it quickly. Then I talk to the manager again, he takes back the script, and sends me on stage. The play begins.

It’s a real play. I get presented with three possible lines (or speeches) and have to choose the right one. Then the other person on stage says her lines. Fortunately, though I only read through the play quickly, I remembered what I had to say, no mistakes.

Suddenly, in the middle of this, a person jumps out of the audience and attacks me! HUH?

Of course I draw my axe and start beating away on him. At this moment, one of the guards strolls by. Does he say anything? Nope. In fact, he strolls right between us, and I whomp HIM with the axe.

THAT he noticed. The fight is halted while he asks me if I would like to pay a fine or go to jail. Is he kidding? Here, take your cash and get out of my way, I have someone here trying to kill me. The guard takes the fine and saunters off. Your police force in action!

Once that jerk was gone, I finished off the other guy with no problem. Then I have a little chat with the manager.

It seems that the actual actor had been dallying with the wrong lady. Her family put out a contract on him. Since he was a hard man to find (can’t blame him), the attempt would be made during the play. So the manager decided to get some sucker to take his part and be killed instead.

But hey, the manager was pleasantly surprised that I remembered all the lines right, and gave me 2,000 gold. So I decided not to kill him ;)

So the story continues. Will Mokor find out who’s spreading rumors about the death of the late king? Will Mokor make the new king a “late” king if he ever gets the chance? Will our hero ever go into in the sewers again? The answers may be revealed in the next thrilling chapter!