In the continuing saga of Infogrames’ struggle to stay afloat, Bruno Bonnel, founder of the company, is stepping down.

According to the article on Gamasutra, Bonnell is severing all ties with Infogrames. The company has been in financial difficulties for some time now, and their third quarter results were disappointing.

What really matters to gamers, of course, is that Infogrames is the parent of Atari, publisher of the Neverwinter Nights series. So once again, uncertainty is in the air, as we wait to see what the new CEO will do.

Meanwhile, Take-Two has been embroiled in problems of its own. Dissatisfied stockholders recently voted in a new board for the company. This comes in the wake of various financial scandals, which have now escalated into a full-blown investigation by the SEC.

Take-Two’s most famous product is Grand Theft Auto, which has drawn heat of its own for its subject matter. So it looks like a rocky time ahead for the company.

But don’t shed any tears over outgoing CEO Paul Eibeler. He’s pulled down a nifty $2.5 million severance package, along with a $50K/month consultancy job with Take-Two. He seems to have made out better than Bruno ;) (well, at least until the SEC starts nosing around)

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