After last week’s break for Easter, we resumed the game this afternoon, getting off to a late start mostly because of technical problems.

We began where we left off, in the basement of the deserted tavern. Suddenly everything went dark, and some “Bad Men” attacked. When the fight was over and light returned, we noticed that Nel was missing.

He was nowhere in the cellar, so the party went upstairs to the second floor, which was deserted as before. On coming back down to the first floor, we were again plunged into darkness and attacked by “Bad Men”.

When light was restored, we found Nel lying on the floor, near death. Kira did what healing she could, but it didn’t seem to help much. He looked like he might have been poisoned or diseased.

Then, as we watched, feeling helpless, he began to fade away and finally vanished from sight. We were pretty sure he was no longer anywhere in the tavern, so the party went outside to search.

The other buildings couldn’t be entered, so Stony started going farther afield, feeling somewhat over-confident. That almost cost him his life.

On the far east side of town, he ran into some zombies. Not ordinary ones, either. They had a slow spell, and they were impossible to damage, even with a magic weapon.

Stony tried calling for help, but apparently no one heard him. Matters were not looking good, as they had no trouble damaging him. Fortunately, he finally managed to break away – having quaffed a couple of potions to stay alive – and made his way back to the others, just barely. Good thing those zombies moved very slowly! That was a close call.

Even so, he need some healing from Kira and Grace. The zombies had continued to follow, and finally seemed to lose the trail. Only one place remained to explore, and that was a cave.

Inside, we found a few hostile cave bats, annoying but not dangerous. The place was small, and went straight on to a small open area where we discovered a corpse. On its body we found a shortbow+2, which Kit was delighted to have.

Kira, taking a closer look, noticed that something was written in blood on the floor, which turned out to be “Evil dead spirit wizard tower SE”. At least we had a place to check out…if we could evade the zombies.

We tried to camp out, but enemies were nearby, some Haunts that mysteriously appeared from who knows where. After disposing of them, we were finally able to get some R&R.

The party left the cave and hugged the east side cliffs, but the zombies caught sight of us. After a few rounds of fruitless combat, we simply started running and found our way to the wizard’s tower.

Some more Haunts were waiting up there, but we were able to destroy them before the zombies caught up to us. With no other choice, we entered the tower.

Happily, there was no welcoming committee at the door. A bit farther along, though, we ran into a pair of nasty Shadow Skeletons. At least those we could kill.

Then we came to a choice of going on along the corridor or through a door. We decided on the door. Inside, we saw a flesh golem and a wraith. The golem wasn’t hostile, but the spirit was unfriendly.

It was also invulnerable to our attacks (this sort of thing is becoming annoying; I hope there won’t be many more like this). So once again, we started running.

Since the party was short-handed, the DM had arranged that, in desperate situations, we could call for a “pause” and the game would go on hold while we discussed what to do. Fortunately, Grace called for one.

After a couple of big hints from the DM, we decided to try luring the wraith out and then shutting the door behind it. Technically, that ought not to work, since the thing is a spirit and has no substance.

Sometimes, though, games ignore technicalities ;). Stony was outside, so he looped around and ran back in but the wraith was too close. Luckily for everyone else, the wraith seemed to want only him.

So he ducked back out, ran down the hall, then back in, and this time, the door was shut in the wraith’s face. Luckily, it was too stupid to just pass through the door.

Then we turned our attention to the flesh golem. We discovered that it was active, and even capable of speech. And here is where Kit was the star of the show.

Making a colossal bluff roll (gotta love 20s!), she managed to convince the dimwitted monster she was its master. There followed an amusing conversatuion, where we picked up some important information.

Apparently, the real wizard had a magic book the golem called “the bad book”. Somehow, in using it, the wizard called in some kind of evil shadow creature, and this thing was responsible for kidnapping the villagers.

The flesh golem didn’t like this critter at all, calling it the “false master”. And was quite willing to help in destroying it.

That’s where the session ended. Next week should be quite interesting. We’ve got this tame (for the moment) flesh golem, in a tower that’s likely full of undead monsters, and we’re probably coming up against something vicious. On second thought, scratch “probably”.

On the other hand, we may be getting some (haha) new blood. There’s one person who should be coming in as a mage, and we may have another fighter. That will really help. I hope. Stay tuned, sports fans!