Over at Planewalker Games, they have an article up on how they will handle the leveling procedure in their upcoming game, Broken Hourglass.

Apparently, the experience itself is divided into three “pools” of points. That’s an interesting departure from the usual method; I don’t think this has been done since the Wizard’s Crown games. And it makes more sense to use the experience for something instead of just accumulating points for “level up”.

The other feature of note is that it has a form of auto-leveling. Depending on the path (“class”) you’re on, the game will assign points from the first two pools according to a pre-defined algorithm. The third pool is “free form”, and those can be assigned as you like.

For those (like me!) who prefer hands-on control, you can choose to allocate all the points yourself, instead of having the game do it. That really appeals to me, because it offers choice.

Those who don’t want to take the time to micro-manage don’t have to, and those who want to “DIY” have that ability.

Also, Coyote has an interview on his blog with Jason Compton, the producer. They don’t talk about the level system, however, you may find it interesting reading.

Leveling Up In Broken Hourglass

Interview With Jason Compton on Coyote’s blog