Back in Quest-ionable Activities, we discussed the generally poor “quests” in the average RPG. Now a game is coming along that has, apparently, taken a different approach.

That game is Depths Of Peril. There is a piece on RPG Vault that looks at how Soldak (the developer) is making quests be an integral part of the game.

Yes, they really matter here, and that’s a great change of pace from the usual static jobs we’re stuck with. In fact, going by the article, others might get in ahead of you and do a quest, especially if you drag your feet.

Unfortunately for me, Depths Of Peril is also a strategy game, where your goal is to become leader of a city. So aside from those quests, you’re also making alliances, opening trade routes, and all that other stuff.

But hey, if Soldak can pull this off in a good way, perhaps other designers will take this up, and implement similar questing in their games. It sure would be wonderful not to have to go kill rats in a cellar yet again.

Quests in Depths Of Peril