Game Banshee has an interesting article up on a game called Dungeons & Dragons Tactics being developed for the Playstation portable.

Normally, I don’t follow console news, but this one caught my eye. The game is not being developed by either Bioware or Obsidian. The company is called Kuju Entertainment (anyone know anything about them?), and their plans are rather extensive.

In fact, they look to be doing as close a port of 3.5 rules as possible, and that includes something even PC games haven’t attempted: psionics. Kuju will have two psionic classes in D&D Tactics: a pure class and a psionic/fighter class.

This product is no quickie, either. The playing time is estimated to be forty hours or so. Rather large for a portable.

And yes, there will be (ahem) “side quests”. With something that size, you couldn’t expect anything else.

The other item of note is in the name: tactics. Apparently Kuju wants the combat to be more than just head-on bashing. Nothing is mentioned, though, on whether combat will be real-time or phased as in Neverwinter Nights.

They also mention that if the game does well, they may port it to the PC. I think that would be quite job, given the size of the game and what they have in it.

Anyway, check out the piece and see for yourself:

Dungeons & Dragons Tactics on Game Banshee