Yep, just when you thought we were far enough into the year to avoid “best lists” for awhile, IGN has put up a list of “Top 10 Graphic Adventures Of All Time”.

After looking it over, I agreed on only three titles: Grim Fandango, Maniac Mansion and Sam And Max Hit The Road.

Myst was there, but it would never make any “top 10” list of mine. It just wasn’t that good; boring would be more like it. I didn’t play Leisure Suit Larry In The Land Of The Lounge Lizards (I’d given up on the series well before that), but the first Larry was good, and should have been there istead.

The series was new and fresh then, even though being a port of the old text adventure Softporn. After that, the joke become staler with each sequel.

Much the same can be said for Monkey Island. Again, the original was good and funny, but the following games simply ran the joke into the ground.

In thinking about games that were overlooked, the first to come to mind is The Pandora Directive. How could they miss that one? While I’m no fan of Tex Murphy, this was the best in the series.

And what about Time Zone? Surely that ought to be on a top 10 list. Okay, it’s old, it was on the Apple, but so what? It was an amazing game for all that, and worthy of a place on the list. Especially if it’s an “all-time list”.

Anyway, that’s enough from me. Check out IGN and see what you think (although why it’s on their Xbox site…). And thanks to Coyote (waving claw), from whom I got the reference.

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