Skyfallen Entertainment is working on a game called Dawn Of Magic. It’s billed as (what else?) “action RPG”, but with a difference. Unlike the typical RPG, there is only one class to play: mage.

That’s unusual. The only game I can think of in recent times that was class-specific is Thief. It had a devoted following, but didn’t appeal to many, as it really required you to do “thiefly” actions instead of wading in with sword or spell.

So I’m wondering how well Dawn Of Magic will do after release. Not everyone wants to be a magic-user, at least not in a single-player game. For example, I prefer fighter types myself, or maybe a fighter/rogue cross (but fighter/mage for something like Oblivion).

Also, your choice is limited in another way: you have to pick from among four pre-created characters, who are not what you’d call typical: a friar, a scholar, a gypsy, and a baker’s wife.

Going by that, and the small preview on Gamespot, it makes me wonder if this is going to be something of a comedy adventure with serious overtones (you can join Foozle or fight him).

And for those who may be wondering, this was originally called Blood Magic. No, I don’t know why the name was changed.

Anyay, do you think an all-magic game can be successful (whether it’s this one or another)?

Dawn of Magic preview on Gamespot