Games that put you in the “evil” seat are rare. Most would likely think of Dungeon Keeper first. That was where you set up tricks and traps and nasty monsters to keep “do-gooders” out of your happy home.

Now on the horizon we have Overlord, an expansion of that idea. The seven heroes who defeated the original Overlord took over his realm, and in time became about as corrupt as he was. So now you’re going to take it all back. A sort of evil vs. evil game.

That’s definitely a change of pace. However, from what I’ve read in the previews, it seems this one is going to be more of a strategic game than an RPG.

In addition to taking out the seven fallen heroes, you also have to (haha) refurbish your tower. Haven’t I just been there with Neverwinter: The Movie?

Still, I suspect this game (if done properly) will appeal to many players, even with the strategic aspects. Take a look at the write-ups and see what you think.

Overlord on RPG Watch