Yes, two different sites have had the opportunity for hands-on play of these upcoming games, and the results are worth a look.

1up has the more detailed article, with a close look at the skill system in Hellgate: London. Since it’s being made by ex-Blizzard staff, the appearance of skill trees is no surprise.

From the write-up, though, it looks like these are much more detailed, and allow for far greater customization than Diablo II. The gameplay seems a bit like Diablo, although more perhaps in the shooter style, as aiming seems important, at least for distance weapons.

The piece is quite positive about the game. 1up has more coming on Hellgate: London, and I’ll be keeping an eye on it to see what (if anything) they have to say about the story and gameflow.

Over at IGN, they have a shorter look at Two Worlds. This one isn’t quite as positive; for one thing, the authors thought it rough, especially in terms of graphics.

On the other hand, one thing that caught my eye was how the designers are treating “excess stuff”. You know, those ordinary weapons and pieces of armor you usually lug around until you can sell them.

In this case, what you do is merge like items to make them stronger. So, if you have, say, two longswords, you can put them together and make one that’s more powerful. Now that’s a nice idea.

Another interesting feature: the writer ran into a bunch of bandits. He had no rep with them, and no gold to pay them off. So they took his pants as payment. Heh. But a different way to handle things than the usual big fight.

Take a look at the articles and see what you think.

Hellgate: London preview on 1up

Two Worlds preview at IGN