The other day, in The Maze Of Terminology, we looked at the how the lines have blurred between genres.

Now the Electronic Merchants Association has released their list of awards contenders, for products released between April 1, 2006, and March 31, 2007. It’s a big list, with 18 categories.

The EMA is certainly trying to cover everything, or almost everything. There are separate awards for each platform, an overall “Game Of The Year”, along with “Best Graphics” and “Most Innovative”. The only thing missing is a category for best MMOG (but how many were released in that time period?).

What I find interesting, though, is the how they defined genres: Action/Adventure, Casual, Family/Children’s, Fighting, Racing, Sports, RPG/Strategy, and Shooter/Military.

It’s those last two combinations, especially “Shooter/Military”, that stand out to me. After all, one rather expects some shooting to go on in a military (war) game.

Personally, I think perhaps Shooter/RPG and Strategy/Military would have been better choices, particularly in these days of the “action/RPG”. Then again, I don’t have any experience with the nominees, and the EMA designations may be more appropriate.

Check out the list and see what you think (as far as categories go; this isn’t meant as discussion of Yet Another Best List ;):

EMA Nominees on Gamespot