While buzzing around the ‘net today, I came across a couple of things that may be of interest to parents looking for “kid-friendly” games.

We don’t often think of NWN as something for children. However, one modder out there created a game for his five-year-old daughter, and now has it up on the vault.

Called “Missing Dragon”, it requires the full NWN/SOU/HOTU/CEP set. There are several versions of this mod: the original, customized for his daughter, plus two generic versions, one for a girl and one for a boy.

There is no violence of any kind in the mod; it’s been set to No PvP by the author, so even mistakes can’t happen. From the description, I gather it plays more like an adventure game than RPG.

So if you have small kids, you may want to check this out:

Missing Dragon on NWN Vault

Now, ‘fess up: haven’t you always wanted to be…..a sheepdog? Windsor the sheepdog, in fact. What greater experience could there be than keeping watch over a herd of “adorable sheep”? (okay, don’t answer that ;)

Anyway, Karajasoft has just released a “casual game” called Sheeplings. And yes, your job is to get them safely to the Sheep-jumping Contest.

This is another non-violent game, described as “family-friendly”. However, as the site mentions (ahem) “80 levels”, it may not be something to finish in one sitting.

From what I’ve read, it reminds me a little of that old favorite, Lemmings, and is probably better for kids older than five. Specs are low-level, and Sheeplings should play on most computers.

The game is $19.95, but you can download a free one-hour demo. And if you happen to have a Mac, they’ve got one for you, too (Intel processor required however).

Sheeplings at (where else?) sheeplings.com