It’s not like Blizzard is hurting for subscribers. Or that people aren’t playing enough. Yet now they’re trying to entice Wowers (Wowies?) with a credit card.

Yes, now you can get a special WoW Visa card (if you’re accepted, of course). They’ll give you a free month of play with your first purchase. But hey, that’s not all!

A generous 1% of every dollar you charge will go towards your account. Just start buying, and watch those pennies as they mount up to $14.95 (only $1,495 in purchases). Imagine, you just have to go into debt to get a free month of play.

This seems to me that Blizzard is going a bit too far. If hardcore players get this card, will they be more likely to charge things on it, just to get that free time? Is Blizzard encouraging excessive spending here?

Also unsettling, not all the details are explained on the page. You only find out about “limitations and exclusions” after the card arrives. Hmmmm.

And if Blizzard actually makes this work, will other MMOGs try the same thing? I hope not. Otherwise, online games may become a debtor’s prison.

Wow Visa Card