Well, we didn’t have an NWN session today. Two people couldn’t make it, and one of those was our rogue. Given where we are, going on would likely have been bad. So instead, another installment of Mokor’s Morrowind saga.

Subject: Continuing our live (almost) coverage…

mwcritters3.pngGood day, sports fans. We know you’ve been waiting breathlessly for the next installment, and we wouldn’t want you turning blue in the face, so let’s get right to the action.

Having survived the dastardly attack during his Academy Award stage appearance (Mokor feels he should have received an Oscar for “Best Amateur Performance in Trying Circumstances”), our hero poked around to find the source of the slandering rumors against King Helseth.

A little chat with the late king’s widow revealed someone was distributing anonymous leaflets with carefully-veiled insinuations. Indeed, I’d found one earlier myself. Only, not having talked to the ex-queen yet, I couldn’t say anything about that.

So now it’s back to the captain of the guard, who says I did so well, the King Himself will talk to me. A great honor!

You gotta hand it to Helseth. Unlike most politicians, he can admit a mistake. Yes, he really did send the Dark Brotherhood after me, but he was acting on unreliable information. Ah well, it’s just so hard to get good help these days.

Which is why he’s ready to hire me to do a few things. Like save his mom from someone trying to kill her. Mokor pulls that off with his usual aplomb and efficiency, although, strangely, nothing more is done about the matter. Who wanted to off the Queen Mother will, alas, remain one of the Mysteries of Mournhold.

Then Mournhold comes under attack! Strange creatures emerge from a hole that erupts in the center of the plaza. Naturally Mokor rushes to help. Amazingly, the guards actually do some fighting here, so our hero doesn’t have to fight all by himself.

It seems that this part of the city is built over some Dwarven ruins (the Dwarfs are long gone from Morrowind), so perhaps these are Dwarven creations. Mokor takes a peek inside the hole, and sees, interestingly, that Dwarven guard machines (the Dwarves were great mechanics) are fighting the weirdo critters. So whatever made those things, it wasn’t the Dwarfs.

Somewhere in here, for reasons I no longer recall – this was such a jam-packed adventure, one loses a sense of continuity as well as motive – Mokor had to fight the king’s champion. Naturally our boy was victorious and the king rather surprised. Heh.

Now the king wants to know what’s happening at the temple. The Temple is one of the factions in MW, headed by a living goddess called Almalexia. The Temple doesn’t get along too well with the King, who is an Imperial.

So now we switch over to the other side, as it were, and start doing little jobs there.

[I know, I know: Oscars are for movies; they give the Tony for plays. Artistic license. I felt Oscar sounded better.]