Or at least, death as perceived in the world of Broken Hourglass (and when is it going to come out?). This isn’t a subject that comes up much in a typical RPG.

Usually, death is something that happens in combat. Your character dies, you restore the game. The enemy dies, you cheer, loot the bodies, and move on.

Death in the (heh) life of ordinary people is glossed over or ignored. Yet the human race has rituals in all its cultures for this event. Games haven’t looked at that, or maybe they’ve been avoiding a touchy subject.

For that matter, CRPGs often don’t have a lot on culture in them to begin with. Perhaps that’s one reason why they seem so similar. Maybe they have a few library books to read for background, but not much incorporated in the game itself.

Planewalker seems to be moving towards building a real world. They’ve just posted an interesting piece on “death beliefs” I suppose you could call them, along with rituals to be performed.

How much of that will be in the game is unknown right now. But I hope it will be more than just “Fascinating Death Customs” found on someone’s bookshelf.

We could use more of this in games. Not necessarily death rites, but cultural aspects. People are always blathering about “immersion”, which usually ends up being “neato graphics”. There are better ways of creating that “immersion” (hmm, topic for a later time?)

Anyway, check out the article and see what you think.

Death Customs in Broken Hourglass