I’ve been fooling around with Fate, trying to come up with the right character to go all the way.

The first one was mostly an archer. She was doing okay, but I really did want some magic sooner, especially the summoning spells. So I started over, and built for that.

Meanwhile, I kept looking at all the Neat Weapons that seemed to show up in the shops (except for bows), so I started a fighter. He had no magic, and things were a little tougher for him.

On the other hand, he sure was lucky with the fishing. At the fishing hole in town, he pulled up some kind of mage robe that sold for an astonishing 13,000 gold. Since you get maybe a tenth of an item’s value, that was a real prize.

However, with him I ran into the armor problem. He could afford the cheaper stuff, but the better equipment was either too expensive, or he didn’t have the right stats to use any of it.

This is what we ran into with the original Diablo: much of what is for sale costs more than you can afford, or else you don’t have the necessary strength, dex, or magic.

And, of course, when you do have the gold and the stats, nothing you want is in the shops. I find that very annoying, especially for the fighter (my boy Mokor in another incarnation). It’s hard to be a tank when you’re wearing tin plate.

So I let him sit for the time being, and worked up a real mage. Mordred was able to get a summoning spell fairly early: spiderlings. Pretty decent, and they have poison, too.

So between them and Fang (the kitty), I had a nice little bunch. Unfortunately, I haven’t had much chance to use any offensive spells. They’re expensive to buy, but I finally managed to afford a fireball.

The problem is, weaker monsters go down quickly. Unless they come in a bunch. Then there’s too many for my group to handle, and some come after me, so I don’t have time to cast anything.

In fact, I think Mordred’s had the toughest fights so far. A couple times, I had to run away from combat (never happened with the others). That was scary, considering he hasn’t gone beyond fourth level in the dungeon yet.

Those were “boss” fights, and even with my boosted cat, advancing to the rear was the only thing I could do. Fortunately, monsters don’t heal, so after healing up and regrouping, I was able to take them down.

Tomorrow, I’ll decide which of three to go with through the whole game, down to the Foozle on level 40-something (they’re all lurking down that far, but on different ones).

Stay tuned, sports fans!