So I decided to go with Mordred and his amazing summoning ability. This is something of a first, as typically I run a fighter-type character my first time through a game.

You can have a total of six summons, so right now I run around with four frost beetles and two shrikes (owlbears in a different universe ;). I also have plenty of fish for my kitty, and he wears some neat jewelry, too. So that makes him a valuable addition to the team.

The one problem with this army is the AI, which likely is no surprise to anyone. You know what I mean: critters getting caught on the wrong side of the wall. That is just so annoying.

There I am, marching along a corridor, when I see from the map one or more of my “pals” is on the wrong side, happily marching with me, but not available if trouble shows up.

So then it’s necessary to backtrack and retrieve them. There are too many parallel corridors in this game!

I’ve made it down twenty levels so far, but all is not well in Fate-land. It’s really hard to come by decent armor for my mage, either in the dungeons or in the shops. I do have some good stuff, but I was hoping for better by now.

I did finally manage to buy a nifty staff, so of course, next time I checked the magic shop, an even better one was available. Fortunately, since I haven’t been purchasing much else, I could afford to get it.

However, the big problem is that, on my way down the stairs from level 19 to level 20, the game choked. The load screen went to about three-quarters and stopped. After waiting awhile, I hit the panic button and re-booted.

Reloading Mordred, I found him on level 19 by the stairs. Whew! I quickly brought him back to town and then went to check the Fate forums. Not much help there.

They mentioned a “bonus” pack you could download, but the game box said the enclosed disk had the bonus pack (just as well, since it’s a 12 meg download). Ho hum.

So I went back to the game and tried again. Happily, I was able to get down to level 20 and this time everything loaded fine. But I’m rather nervous now, since there were other complaints about the game choking on level loads. Most of those were farther down than I am, but it was the same incident.

I’m hoping that this was just a one-time glitch. Tomorrow, I’ll be heading down to 21, with fingers crossed. I think that’s the halfway point for Mordred; I don’t recall exactly which 40-something level his Foozle is on, but I know it’s a low number. More news as it happens later.