Well, I was hoping to finish the game today, but there were a few things that got in the way.

The main problem is that “outside activities” take up more time than clearing a level. My team is powerful, and the fights tend to be fierce but short. Also, it seemed to me that some of the levels in the 20s were smaller than earlier ones.

Be that as it may (and it may well be that it is), the downward march is quick. But there is more to the game than just wreaking havoc.

Getting those little jobs can be annoying. What you want is to have all three for the next level down. However, that’s all randomized, and people can ask for something to be done farther down.

So you (or maybe that should be “I”) am heading next to level 30, but the task offered is on level 33. Foo! So now I have to quit and reload, which resets the jobs.

That can take awhile. Especially if inbetween you keep checking the merchants for stuff to buy. I finally stopped doing that. Now, I just check once when I come out of the dungeon (having fulfilled all three tasks in one sweep), and one more time after I have my three jobs.

And of course there’s the fishing. Not every level has a fishing hole (and some, by the way, are lava pools!), but if I do come across one, I spend a little time at it (after the level has been cleared).

Right now, I have enough extra fish in my stash to stock a fish market. Sometimes a fish comes up with an item, but my luck there hasn’t been good. Practically everything has been unusable and ended up being sold. Ho hum.

My other peeve is money. I’m running around with over seven million in gold, and can’t find anything to buy. Really, nothing offered in any of the shops is as good as what I have. Even the gambler isn’t showing much in my line.

On the other hand, I really love my blast-back spell. Even magic-immune critters get shoved away, though they won’t take the damage. It’s great for doorways in corridors. Knock the enemy back, and make room for my team to get in there and rip it to shreds.

I also think I may have solved my load problem. It could have been related to quitting and restoring so much to get the right  jobs. Now, after I have them, I quit all the way to the desktop, then reload the game.

Since I’ve been doing that, the game hasn’t choked on loading a level. But I still feel a bit nervous every time I go down the stairs ;).

While there’s only a few levels to go now, I’m not sure if I can finish tomorrow. NWN online is back in business, which will take up a good chunk of the afternoon. BUt I’ll see what can be done.