So I finished early this afternoon, just in time for NWN online. As it turned out, Foozle was on level 40.

I found it odd, by the way, that there doesn’t seem to be any in-game display of your overall quest. There wasn’t any special message when I reached L40, either. Strange oversights there.

Anyway, the combats on the last few levels were tough ones. Often, critters would be waiting by the stairs, or very close. A couple times, we ran into two bosses and minions at once. Ouch!

There were no more crashes, so perhaps my technique of starting the game fresh before descending has helped in that regard. But I did have one odd thing happen.

An item I was sent to retrieve was behind a perimeter wall and there was no way I could see to reach it. So maybe it was just as well I ended up dying in a fight.

You get several options on death, and I chose “quit”. A good choice, as it turned out. It reset the level (I started by the stairs), and this time, the item was in a different place. Whew!

Of course, I also had to redo the two jobs I’d already completed, but that was no big deal.

On level 40, I ended up with two bosses at once, and one was Foozle, aka “Rivenroth”. Didn’t realize at once who it was, although the name sounded vaguely familiar ;).

Things were pretty crazy for awhile. My team was split up, and I was just standing there with my Ring Blast, doing what I could. I lost my two shrikes, and inadvertantly ended up summoning more frost beetles (hit the wrong key in the excitement of the moment. Heh).

The minor boss went down, and then we could all concentrate on Rivvy. Took some time, but we finally got him. Whoopee!

So Mordred met his Fate, and was victorious. Mordred The Reknowned, L32 mage (he had enough experience then for 33, but was 32 at the big fight). I haven’t retired him yet, though. After all, there’s that heirloom business. That will take a little thought.

Anyway, the game is done, and a review will be up in a couple of days.