When a movie proves really popular, you can bet there will be a sequel or four in the future. The same is true of games: a hit means more of the same (and usually not as good) coming along any time now. But not every game had a sequel.

Over at games.net, they have (dare I say it?) a list of “The Best 49 Sequel-less Games”. Of course, “best” doesn’t necessarily mean “popular”. Typically, it’s only the big sellers that keep coming at us year after year, ad nauseum.

And as with any “best” list, opinions will vary. As it is, many of the titles listed are unfamiliar to me, or else I didn’t play the games whose titles I recognized, aside from very few, like Grim Fandango.

The only puzzler to me was Adventure on the Atari. The only Adventure I know is the text adventure. From the description, though, this one seems to be a different game entirely.

Anyway, take a peek, see how many you know, and maybe add a title of your own choosing that qualifies as “best with no sequel”.

49 Best Sequel-less Games at games.net