Don’t know how I missed this one, but yes, it’s for real. Coming soon to a CBS station near you: replays of other people playing video games, in this case, from the World Series Of Video Games.

Right, a major network is going to show this. Not live, mind you. They’ll be doing “replays” some time after the actual event. Only four are scheduled at the moment.

I wondered back in Let’s Watch Games if there would be many people who’d watch such things. I still wonder.

We all know gamers would rather play then watch. Non-gamers, well, would they even understand what they’re seeing? Would they able to make sense out of a PvP match in World Of Warcraft (one of the games being featured)?

It does amaze me that a major network is taking such a risk. I’d expect this to be on some cable station. The “episodes”, by the way, will be shown during a regular sports show.

Anyway, check out the squib on Kotaku and see what you think.

CBS Airing Video Game Replays on Kotaku