Over at rpgdot, they have an article about “remastering” older, classic games. That is, the games come with spiffy new graphics, and often re-worked controls. Otherwise, though, the content remains what it was “way back when”.

The article’s author thinks this is a good idea. To a certain extent, he’s right, at least insofar as bringing older games to the attention of newer players.

But for those who played those games when they first arrived…well, I’m not so sure. As mentioned elsewhere (Why I Can’t Go Home Again), I have no interest in replaying a “refurbished oldie”, however much I may have enjoyed it the first time around.

Tricked-up visuals, new sound, better controls – none of those is any incentive to replay a game. We just have the same old game in a brighter package.

On the other hand, such renovations would certainly make older games more appealing to the “younger crowd” who missed them on the first pass. Of course, we’re not talking 8-bit games here, though it might be interesting to see what a remake of the original Wizardry would look like.

What about you? Would a familiar game with new interface and graphics interest you enough to replay it? Or would you give it a try, then put it aside as being “too well known to be fun”? Read the article and see what you think.

Remaking older games on rpgdot